SBI! Review

Mr. Michael’s Solo Build It! or SBI! Review

It was back in 2009 when I had been looking for a way to earn money online for a few years when I stumbled across an ad for a website builder that would change my life from all my suffering with little to no income to living the life of my dreams.

His Review

Name of Site or Program: Solo Build It! or SBI!
Website URL: – The Solo Build It! Video Tour
Affiliate Training: Yes
Affiliate Support: Yes
Website Builder: Yes
Website Host: Yes
Research Tools: Yes
Success Stories/Testimonials: Yes
Price/Cost: $29.99/month or $299/yr going forward
Potential Income: Limitless
Overall Score: 100/100

Name of Site or Program

The name of this site or program is Solo Build It! (previously Site Build It!) and the URL is the name or the company that founded it.

SBI! teaches & trains their members everything they need to know in order to build a highly successful, top-ranking & leading website in any niche` those members want.

Affiliate Support

The video & written lessons SBI! has released will teach anyone with any business goals how to bring in an awful lot of extra money on the side simply for actively or passively promoting their site/program.

Website Builder

The website building program of SBI! is & has been very well-thought out because – not only does it give you all the tools you need to do it right, it explains how & why you can & should do it all the right way.

Website Host

With a very high & reliable uptime, secure servers, data encryption & stable backups, the host SBI! uses also has very friendly & reliable customer service that I’ve experienced myself and feel they are very professional.

Research Tools

Then comes the SBI! research tools and I won’t tell you too much about them but you’ll enjoy the usefulness of the keyword research & page ranking insight too but there’s also the success stories that are obviously real and you’ll enjoy reading them too.


Finally comes the price or cost of all the incredible things SBI! provides you with and that price is very low when compared to the potential money you more than likely will earn if you stick with it.  Besides, the amount of money it would cost for you to find & use all the programs & features you’ll soon be enjoying with an SBI! membership would be in the thousands of dollars per month, compared to the $29.99 monthly cost or the $299 yearly cost if you want to save $60.

You know, people try to put a bright shine on new things nowadays but over time, they lose their luster and fall apart or fail to do as much of what they did when you first bought them but not Solo Build It! sites.  The longer you stick with the company or program and the more you follow the directions as they’re carefully laid out, the more successful you’ll be.

Potential Income

I say it’s limitless because it really depends on how much time you put into it.  For example, you could start off promoting the SBI! site till you have good money coming in.  Then, you can search out & secure a few more good affiliate companies you want to promote as options to Solo Build It! and people will love you for that.  It’s a good idea to have more than one source of income at any rate as well but you really won’t need them with this one alone.

Overall Score

I gave this a perfect score because I have only enjoyed good things with SBI! and the price per year is way less than they could charge for all they offer.

In His Opinion

I have personally enjoyed using Solo Build It! for years and I still love everything about them.  Yes, I’m very aware that I’m a member & affiliate of two websites that are in direct competition with each other but I don’t think they should be.

Sure, they have many of the same tools & features but I think SBI! is geared more towards people who want to start their own business online whereas WA or Wealthy Affiliate focuses on people who want to become well-paid affiliates online – big difference.  Even though both websites or companies are not very good friends, that doesn’t mean you or I have to be that way and this is what I mean when I talk about how smart it is to have multiple sources of income.

Enjoy Being an SBI!er Yourself

Go to the Solo Build It! site now to become a member & enjoy the great lessons in their Action Guide.