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What Kind of Person Does
He Help Earn Money at Home…?

Pictures of my accident below…!

I’m here to help others who may have a permanent disability to successfully earn money at/from home.

Make no mistake, suffer no delusion & do not misunderstand that making money from your home computer is not easy because it will require long hours & hard work.  Although, it will be much easier than any other job or occupation while still being difficult enough that you will feel great satisfaction when you get paid.

My name is Michael and I’ll be talking about how life has dealt me a hand that better card players in Vegas would run from because I am now & always will be permanently disabled.

Then I plan to explain how I’m dealing with such a terrible hand in life to the best of my ability and you’ll be delighted to know how well it’s working out for me now along with how great I know life will be for me & my family for years to come.

Details of His Injuries

It was during the football season that started in ’93 and ended in ’94 that I was being scouted by Penn State football scouts for a scholarship. I was a Junior in high school and I played Iron-Man ball. For those of you who don’t know, that means I was on the field for the entire game since I was part of every team we had. I’m talking about the offensive & defensive teams along with kickoff & kick return, punt & punt return and the field goal unit along with any other team.

I was also a starting catcher for some of our school’s baseball games and a starting left fielder for others. I was looking at playing professional ball and even though I wasn’t sure what team I wanted to play on, my options were many. Along with that, I played basketball for a season and then wrestled the next year. After deciding my heart wasn’t in either of those sports, I really did well on the Track team.

My stats on the football field were the best in the county and I ran the 40-yard-sprint in 4.7 seconds.

Following His Junior Year

After completing my 11th grade year of high school, I was living life like a king.

I was very well-known in my area for my sports accomplishments, I had many girlfriends and I drove a really exciting & beautiful Chevy Corvette. I was never a bad driver but I was caught showing off by several police officers who consequently gave me a total of 8 traffic violations.

I was due in court the morning of June the 4th in 1994 at 8:00 and all my friends & I knew I was going to lose my license for a long, long time. So therefore, we all arranged a massive party in honor of my last night on the road and I was told by a few who were there that most of the popular kids from all 5 schools in the county were together that night in the hotel room a few of us pitched in to get.

I have no idea how much I drank that night but the police said my Blood Alcohol Content was at a BAC level of “0” when they arrived.

I’m happy my father took the keys to my Corvette the day my mother received the court notice in the mail which was the only way my parents had of knowing I had collected those 8 tickets or traffic violations. Since my social life was so busy at the time, my father took me to a used car lot that was owned by a good friend of his and I drove home in a used ’87 Dodge Shadow.

In fact, that was the car I was driving the night my friends threw that huge party in my honor in that hotel just over the state line in Newark, DE and that was the car I was driving when I fell asleep behind the wheel at the top of a big hill with a long straightaway on the other side.

Mr car managed to remain on the road long enough for my foot to relax & push the accelerator to the floor – building my vehicular speed up to about 80 Miles Per Hour. Luckily, there were no cars coming in the other lane when I slowly drifted off the left side and my front left wheel dropped into a ditch where it smashed into a drainage pipe that was secured under a driveway.

Pictures of His Car Accident

My speeding Dodge Shadow then flipped head over heals maybe 3 or 4 times before landing on its’ roof in the next drive (pictures below were taken after car was transported to the local junk yard). I wasn’t wearing a seat belt when I fell asleep but in this situation, I’m very thankful because I’m sure I would have been killed if I had been.

Yes.  I cut, tinted & screwed plexiglas to the headlights.
I tinted the windows darker than the legal limit too

When the rear of my car was tossed up with such velocity that my head was forcefully thrown back into the headrest of my seat, my skull compressed the cushion so quickly that my hard head slammed into the even harder steel frame of the seat, which then caused the rest of my body to fly threw the windshield and throw me ahead of the car at a speed of 80 MPH.

So there I was, lying face down some 125 feet ahead of my overturned & smoldering car. As far as anyone could guess, I must have smashed my head on the frame of my driver’s seat when the tire slammed into that pipe because I was passed out when the medical team arrived.

I spent the next 40 days in a coma and 13 months in 3 different rehabilitation hospitals trying to recover from my Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI, which meant then & still means I’ll have severe brain damage for the rest of my life.  This is true because when any of us injures or damages any part of our brain, the cells that are injured or damaged will never heal or get better.

Since they say we only use 10% of our brain, that left 90% of my brain that I could teach or retrain to do all the things I lost the ability to perform but not without a long time of intense physical rehabilitation and there are just some things I’ll never be able to do such as run or swim the way I used to.  I insinuate that I used to swim well because I was also a licensed lifeguard just prior to my death.

When I talk about “my death”, I’m talking about any of the 3 times my heart stopped beating while I was being flown to the ER of the biggest emergency hospital in our state – the Shock Trauma Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

It Happened Again?

Maybe 2 1/2 years after that accident, I managed to graduate from high school with my graduating class of ’95, I was living on my own in a small apartment that was owned by my parents and I was riding my bicycle to the college in my hometown.

I couldn’t stand the terrible smell in the town laundry mat so I was carrying my dirty laundry to my parents’ house on foot. Just as I was crossing an off-ramp, some young lady driving a large Lincoln Town Car at about 65 MPH must not have seen me when she slammed into the left side of my left leg and shattered both legs from the knees down. For those of you who don’t know, there are 2 bones in each of our lower legs and both of mine were shattered at the knee & ankle of both legs, leaving me with 8 shattered joints altogether.

I was also taken by ambulance to the Christiana Hospital in Christiana, DE instead of being flown to the Shock Trauma Hospital in Baltimore.

Most people assumed I wouldn’t be able to walk ever again but that’s not what the Lord had in mind for me…!

Even though I’ll always have severe brain damage and the bones in my legs will never be the way they were when I was born, I’ve been able to work diligently enough that I’ve recovered to the point where I’m able to walk on my own without any kind of assistive device, I will never have a photographic memory like I had prior to that first accident but I’ve learned several tricks that help me remember things others have no idea how I can recall and I’m even in the process right now of getting my CDL so I can drive big trucks across the country. My wife and daughter are eager to ride with me too.

His Life Now

At this time, I choose to leave that sad, depressing world of being disabled in the past because I was blessed to have met an incredible woman when I was traveling on a bus from Baltimore City to the town of Greenville, GA in December of 2012. Currently, the two of us are still a hot item – having married on June the 29th of 2014 and we had our first child in November of 2015. That little girl is so very precious too.

The change I’m living with every single day is amazing. I mean, coming from where I was with my only income being my state disability check each month and I’m not afraid to tell you I barely got by for years with $314 a month and $109 in food stamps to earning money & getting paid every day as an affiliate marketer is the most enjoyable & satisfying feeling I’ve ever experienced.

I was still in that situation when I met my wife so I know for a fact that she didn’t marry me for my “money” because I didn’t have any of that in any form. Therefore, I know the love between us is real and will last forever.

So Who Does He Want to Help?

As a permanently disabled man who should be both mentally & physically disabled from the injury I suffered, I’m not admitting to anyone that I have severe brain damage (so we’ll keep that between us). Even though I’ve been able to find ways to hide my mental disabilities, I still tell people I’m only physically disabled because I’ll never be able to run the way I did as a teenager and I’ll never be able to swim the way I did as a lifeguard but regardless, I’m very good on my home computer and I’m very thankful that I’ve been an affiliate marketer for almost as long as I’ve been online too.

As an affiliate marketer, I don’t have to perform any kind of service for my customers and I don’t have to produce any kind of hard goods either. I simply assist a few companies in promoting their services or hard goods and they give me a portion of every item’s sale price or a commission each & every time someone buys from the companies I promote and that will last for as long as those people remain customers of those companies.

Since I have no plans of ever stopping what I do, I’m not worried about my income or commissions going down when a customer leaves the company at all, ever. Besides, I’ll more than likely be an affiliate of any other companies those customers might go to anyway.  So with that being true, I want to reach out & help anyone else who may be stuck at home but in need of a good income so they can provide for their loved ones or at least help out till their income grows.

Life is good but it would have been very hard for me to say that just a few years ago…!

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