Start an Online Marketing Business

Online Marketing Business

Are you ready to start an online marketing business?  If so, I’m here to help.

My name is Mr. Michael “Live” and if it matters to you, you’ll find more information about the man I am on the About Page.  But in short, I’ve been in the online marketing arena since 1996 and I have a lot to share with you.

What He’s Learned Over the Years

Before you try to market or promote anything online, you have to decide if there are enough people interested in what you plan to offer and think of the best way to reach or advertise to them.

In today’s world, virtually anyone can promote anything of any kind to anyone else online.  So therefore, a good, well-thoughtout website is the best way to accomplish this.

Finding a Good, Well-Thoughtout Website Builder

I spent many years looking for just such a product or program and I’ve found 2 really good ones.

The first was back in 2009 and you can read more about it on the post I created for Solo Build It! or SBI! and even though they’ve added a few new features to keep up with the times, I’d say the man who founded the company did an excellent job the first time around and I’m still with them to this day.

The second website builder I found is called Wealthy Affiliate or WA and you can learn more about them on that page where I give another very detailed & informative review as well.  Once you join as a Premium member on that site, you’ll have access to the very detailed & informative university where you’ll learn much more about how to successfully market online.

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