Earn Money Online for PayPal

Can You Earn Money Online for PayPal?

Earning money on the Internet can easily be sent to your PayPal account but it would be terrible to earn that money for PayPal and not for yourself.


If you don’t know me or if this is the first page you landed on, my name is Mr. Michael and I’ve been a disabled man since I was 17-years-old in 1994.  I’ve also been struggling with very little to no income or money coming in since but I’m very thankful to PayPal and the wonderful people who created it.

I’m not sure if the requirements to open an account have change since I first opened my account with them but I know I had to have an active bank account in the real world.

That was the most difficult thing I had to do and I’m sure it would be even harder for someone else to open a PayPal account if they aren’t even able to open a real bank account in the outside, offline world.

Is It a SCAM?

I’m sure there are those out there who try to say PayPal is nothing more than a scam but I’ve been using their service for years and haven’t had any problems thus far so my answer would be “No, not to my knowledge”.

What Have I Used PayPal for?

I’ve tried to make money online since the accident that disabled me for life and some have worked while others haven’t but regardless of what I’ve done to earn money online, PayPal has always been there to help me collect money & to be my online bank.  I never have to “run into town so I can stop at PayPal to make a deposit or a withdrawal” because I can do it all sitting in front of my home or office computer.

If you’re interested in knowing how I earn money online and how you can too, you can click & jump over to my post about my own personal Best Affiliate Review.

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