Disabled Affiliate Marketers


Do you understand & agree that it’s very difficult for any disabled affiliate marketer or person in general to get hired in a really high-paying job in the offline world? Their disability is usually a very hindering factor.

Would you also agree that there are many people who categorize all disabled people as no-good low-lifes? The nerve of those people…!

My name is Michael and I was unfortunate enough to have suffered a very Traumatic Brain Injury as the result of having my skull thrown into the steel frame of the headrest in my driver’s seat at 80+ Miles Per Hour in 1994. You can read the page on this site called the About Page to learn more about the 2 accidents I suffered from as a younger man.

Because of my accidents, I am no longer able to do any kind of work outside my home – even if I wanted to, but I was really spot-on when I learned about affiliate marketing because it seemed as if it was made for those of us who are disabled. I mean, it’s not easy work but it has to be done by someone who has the time & ability.


I would summarize it by saying it’s like any other social activity in life whereas a person or affiliate marketer is conversing with or talking to someone else and he or she is trying to convince or talk them into having a desire to buy & use a specific item or service.

Then the person or company responsible for creating, developing or offering that item or service rewards that affiliate marketer by cutting, slicing off or paying that man or woman a portion of the sale price just for arranging, setting up or making said sale.

Affiliate marketing or word-of-mouth advertising is the best & sometimes only way for a person or company to let the world know about the product or service they offer and even though some would say an affiliate marketer is lazy, I just shake my head because that person or those people saying such nonsense or making such a claim have no clue what it’s like to be in the world of affiliate marketing.

I say it’s not easy work because an Affiliate Marketer has to keep in mind that they have to record every part of all transactions or they wouldn’t get paid. For example, the AM has to have an active bank account and he or she has to know that bank account number along with the name & routing number of that bank.

Then this AM has to know how to look or search for good companies in a particular niche` of their interest who offers a good, high-paying affiliate program and when they find one, they have to have a way of recording their affiliate links because without them, that AM would not get any credit for any sale they generate.


There are some people & companies that offer their affiliates a whopping 2 or 3 percent of the sale price for big ticket items or services but finding others who can & will spend that kind of money online is sometimes very difficult for anyone to do but as a disabled man who spent 7 years in college with no degree, I had to find a company online who offers a service on the Internet for a much lower cost but will pay their affiliates a much higher commission for any & all sales those affiliates generate.

I know of a few companies that are run & owned by very good people who offer a real, valuable service online that can’t be found or used in the offline world and the first is a company called Site Build It!. This company pays a large commission for the sale of a rather expensive product of service but explaining it all here would be a waste of time since I don’t even know that you care. Besides, you can read & learn all about it on the link above at any time.

SBI! was one of the first companies I found when I first got online and Site Build It! offers an incredible full-service site building platform that enables anyone that can use a computer to build a very high-ranking site about any passion or hobby that really earns money.

Of course, the most recent & the best affiliate program I’ve found is called Wealthy Affiliate or WA and you’ll learn more about by reading that review.

WA is something like SBI! where they help you build a business online and both offer a very good customer-service department but yes, obviously I’m an affiliate marketer for all 3 of the companies listed above and if you’re thinking of doing what I do to earn the money I earn or lifestyle I have, be sure to read every word on each site before buying or paying for anything and as always, you can ask questions or leave comments below…

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