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You can click the About Page above to learn the details concerning my past but this post is just to let you know a little more.


There’s something wrong with me; I know it, I think, maybe.

Why is it that I really want to reach out & help others before I let anyone do anything for me?


Yeah, it could be the result of those two severe accidents I was in as a teenager and all the wonderful help I received from so many complete strangers or it could be because my father was in the army and he raised all 4 of us kids to be honorable & helpful to others. That could be the reason I’m interested in your success more than my own.

I just know that I’d rather see the people on my team succeed before I even check in on my own success but with what I’m doing, it’s virtually impossible for me not to succeed if I’m truly concerned about the success of those on my team.


Like I said in an internal post to my friends & associates in Wealthy Affiliate, I plan to help at least 1 person every hour of every day for the rest of 2018 and since there is approximately 165 days left in the year, that would be calculated by multiplying 1 X 24 X 165 = 3,960 people or fellow affiliates on my team.

If each of those people decide to upgrade after their 7 day free trial, that would be a commission of $8 a piece for their 1st month, which would mean $31.680.00 would be part of the commission I’d get for the rest of 2018 but you can add that to the other part and the total commission I expect to receive for the rest of 2018 is $23.50 per person who upgrades to Premium so my commissions for 2018 will be between $31,680.00 – $93,060.00.


The questions is whether or not there are any other site builders that supply me or my bank account with more or higher commission checks and the answer is yes, of course there is.

I wouldn’t bother to ask the question if that wasn’t true so I want to tell you a little about Solo Build It! or SBI!.  They’re a very powerful site building platform that I feel is above & beyond any other, they only costs $29,99/month or $299/year and if you’re quick with your calculating, it’s obvious how good that price is but more than that, the owner – Mr, Ken Evoy, offers 100% commission for each order and then a really high percentage of each payment after that.

So if you have a customer who is wise enough to pay yearly, you would receive that top amount as soon as your new customer signs up and pretty much the same amount each year that customer remains as such.

If you’re interested in learning more about SBI!, you can click that link to read my very intense & very detailed review.


Another reason I created this post is because you or anyone else visiting this site may have questions for me that you or they cannot submit on my About Page but you or they can do that below…

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

“Success is within Reach” by: Mr. Michael “Live” – My site is at (the site you’re on now)

I hope you have time to take a look to see how I’ve incorporated that motto & my name into the site.

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