Getting Started

How would you start making good money online as an affiliate marketer?

That’s easy to answer…

  1. Read every word on every page you have access to as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate – upgrade when you can.
  2. There are many options for how & where you can promote your affiliate link
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Make a schedule of when you’re going to promote said link and then follow it

The hard part comes in when you have to decide what company you want to help promote for and what products or services you want to promote.

Even more important than making a schedule is branding yourself.  You want to read my post about making yourself be unique so you stand out among all the others, not the company or service you offer since that could change over time.

Branding yourself will make it so people actually think of you, your name or your company when they want or need what you offer too.

“Success within Reach” by: Mr. Michael “Live”

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