You Being Unique

With so much competition in the online world, how is anyone supposed to stand out in the crowd by being unique?

No, it’s not easy if you look at it from that perspective but it becomes very easy when you realize that we are very unique in some areas.  For example, no one has lived through the exact same experiences you have in your lifetime but even if that were remotely possible, I can guarantee that no one has responded to their experiences the exact same way you have so that makes you very unique in that aspect.

Take your name for example, there are many people who have the same first name as you but how many of those people “ALWAYS” use a title before their name or maybe you can use some simple descriptive word to take the place of your last name?  That wouldn’t be okay in the real world because you’d usually have to verify your name with your ID but online, you can give yourself any last name you want.  My first name is Michael and when I was younger, many folks called me Mr. Michael – to show that they looked up to me in some way.

Then sometime while I was in college, I decided to start adding “Live” to the end which I’m sure makes me sound like some kind of comedian, actor or politician but nevertheless, it makes me stand out from all the other Michaels in this world.

My point is that there are many other ways to make yourself stand out & be unique among every other person in the world if you look at it in the right light…!

“Success is within Reach” by: Mr. Michael “Live” – My new site is at (the site you’re on right now)

I hope you have time to take a look to see how I’ve incorporated that motto & my cool name into the site.

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