His Unique Name

My name is Michael but in the online world, my name is Mr. Michael “Live”.

Let me tell you how I was given that name…!

When I was younger, I grew up near Baltimore City in the US State of Maryland and it was one day in early April of 1993, I had just recently earned my driver’s license while my first car was a beautiful silver Chevy Corvette – courtesy of my incredible father.

I loved that car so I drove my BFF or Best Female Friend to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on the first Saturday morning of that month and the two of us were walking around having a blast.  The two of us were seperated for a minute and during that time, I was approached by a very attractive black prostitute.

I wasn’t really interested in what she was offering but I had many questions for her.  Questions that she enjoyed answering such as, “How many men have you been with in a professional manner?” or “How many of those men hit or abuse you physically?”.  By the time I started asking questions she couldn’t answer, my BFF caught up with us and this prostitute invited the two of us to “the Block” on Baltimore Street where her “manager” – or her pimp, would be able to answer the questions she couldn’t.

After this prostitute gave us the address to where we could meet her, my BFF & I went to get my Corvette and there just so happened to be an open spot right in front of this club.  Well, the guy only gave me enough time to shake his hand before he said, “How would you like to earn a lot of money with that fancy sports car?”.  I asked him “How?” and the answer he gave me was on my mind for the next week & a half.

Skipping ahead, I’ll just say that I ended up working for the guy as a “Woman’s Escort” for the next 7 years but during that time, all my clients enjoyed calling me Mr. Michael and I added the “Live” because of the line of work I was in.  The work I performed absolutely had to be done in person or live on the phone.

This was a very powerful time in my life but no one in my immediate family knew anything about it.  Although, I’ve written & published a book called, “Choices on a Road Less Traveled” that was written for any woman who believes there’s better out there and knows she deserves him or her.

You can get a copy of the book for your own library on Amazon.com by clicking the link above or you can click here to return to the page you were just on.

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