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If You Own a Business, Mr. Michael Will Help You Advertise Your Business Online

I know all-too-well how stressful it can be to advertise your business online so as to find enough customers & clients so you have enough money coming in to support your own family.  I know because I wasn’t able to get a real job for more than 20 years after 2 severe car accidents – one when I was 17 in 1994 & the other when I was 19 in 1997 (the years & my ages don’t match because my first accident happened after my birthday while the second one happened before the day I was born that year).

I now help other business owners share or promote whatever it is they’re offering to the world and I help them over the length of a full year for much less than it would cost to advertise their product or service to even a small fraction of those people for just one hour.  Read on for full details…!

Can You Earn Money Online from
Home as a Business Owner too?

Earning money from the Internet at home is certainly possible but it would mean you can’t look at it like it’s not real or just a game.  It’s just like any other kind of work since it requires you to put in some real time & effort but unlike any other real-world job, this one can be done without any kind of physical labor – unless you consider pressing the keys on your keyboard to be laborious hard work.

Because I’ve been physically disabled since 1994, I’ve had no choice but to learn how to earn as much money online as possible so I could support myself and later – when I became a married father, so I could support my family too.

If you don’t know me or if this is the first page you landed on, my name is Mr. Michael “Live” and I’ve been a disabled man since I was 17-years-old in 1994, which means I was born in 1977.  From that, I’m sure you can figure out my current age too.  I struggled with very little to no income for a long time so I’ve been accumulating several sources of income as an affiliate marketer beginning in 1996.

What is an Affiliate Marketer Exactly?

Affiliates are people who use & get to know a company’s product or service very well and they love what they learn or experience with it.  Those people enjoy the company’s product or service so much that they share it with others.

Depending on how diligently or persistently they promote it, a few of the people they share it with will join or purchase the product or service from the company and the affiliate will earn a small or large part of the sale price – according to what percentage the company offers, otherwise known as a commission.

My Sources of Income

My first source of income that can be done online is as an affiliate for the company called the Shaklee Corporation (I will provide you with the link shortly).

Shaklee is a great & wonderful nutrition product company and their products have saved my life by keeping me alive after I suffered from more than a few severe accidents – one in football, two on my bicycle & several in horrible car accidents (some were my fault while others weren’t).

In addition to having life-saving products, Shaklee also has products for natural, healthy skin care & permanent weight loss, sports endurance boosting products and some of the world’s most amazing natural cleaners that keep cleaning long after you’ve put away the rag or mop or whatever you like to use.

Then Shaklee pays me to help distribute or share their incredible products with others and the money they pay is more than a king’s ransom – hence: making me & my wife Shaklee Affiliates or Distributors as they prefer to say.

Another source of income I enjoy – and I have many but will only share the best 3 with you here & now, is that of an affiliate of a great company or website that teaches others how to build their own high-ranking site in any niche` they want while yet another partner company or website of mine teaches people how to be successful affiliates.

The first is one I’ve been using & enjoying since 2009 and they’re called Solo Build It!.  You can learn more about them by reading & watching my SBI! Review.

If you’re interested in knowing how I earn good money online as an affiliate and how you can too, you can click & jump over to the page about my WA Review as well.  Once there, you’ll want to read about & become a Wealthy Affiliate and this is what I mean when I tell you it’s good to have multiple sources of income.

Please keep in mind that your affiliate commissions from each of the programs or companies above won’t come right away but when it starts, it will never stop growing even if you put in the same amount of time or effort in your affiliate marketing.

Soy tu amigo y tu hermano or I am your friend & your brother,